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6.5 Grendel Reloading Handbook Combo Volumes 1 & 2 - EU/Pacific

Volume 1: AR-15 Reloading Basics

A lot of Grendel shooters have been asking about load data as well as the history and utility of this very interesting cartridge.  This handbook is the first of a short series dedicated to partially answering many of these and other questions.  This first volume provides a brief synopsis of the origins and development history plus commercial sources of Grendel rifles and ammunition.  We also included handloading data from four significant commercial sources.

Volume 2: Reloading for Hunting

This volume expands on Vol I through a strong emphasis on the Grendel as a medium game cartridge. Our ballistic gelatin tests and research showed that the right 6.5 caliber bullets are effective from small varmints all the way through at least Elk. Further, these bullets are useful at Grendel velocities out to reasonable distances.

We have included projectile selection for game, velocity spreads for expansion and penetration at various distances with several hunting bullets, chapters on sighting systems, a comprehensive bullet list with BC's, sectional densities, overall lengths, detailed reloading procedures, and well over 200 different hunting loads for the 6.5 Grendel AR15.  Volume II is a synergistic work in terms of approaching a hunting system from the terminal perspective, working back through the optics, firearm, and specific reloading solutions for hunting with the lightweight AR15 platform.


SHIPS: Europe & Pacific Region (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines)

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